INOmax® (inhaled nitric oxide)

Indication and Clinical Use and Important Safety Information

INOmax® (inhaled nitric oxide), in conjunction with ventilatory support and other appropriate agents, is indicated for the treatment of term and late pre-term (≥ 34 weeks) neonates with hypoxic respiratory failure associated with clinical or echocardiographic evidence of pulmonary hypertension, where it improves oxygenation and reduces the need for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

Consult the product monograph for important information about:

  • Contraindication in patients whose systemic oxygenation is wholly dependent on extra-pulmonary right-to-left shunting
  • The most serious warnings and precautions regarding left-to-right shunting
  • Other relevant warnings and precautions regarding inadequate clinical response, rebound pulmonary hypertension, methemoglobinemia, NO2 formation, left ventricular dysfunction, and hemostasis interactions
  • Conditions of clinical use, adverse reactions, drug interactions, and dosing instructions

The product monograph is also available by calling us at 1-877-566-9466.

INOmax® DSIR Plus

INOmax® DSIR Plus meets the criteria outlined in the INOmax® Product Monograph for delivery and monitoring of nitric oxide. The INOmax® DSIR Plus is provided as part of the INOmax® Total Care package with no capital outlay.

INOmax® DSIR Plus Training Simulator

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